About Us

Beering Enterprises, Inc.

Our business units are committed to preparedness for a variety of difficult circumstances and to providing effective responses to those events. National security, local security, special event planning, snow, ice, and even the coffee to stay awake through it all, are among our portfolio.

Preparedness & SecurityConsulting

Our experienced staff evaluates threats and vulnerabilities, designs plans, implements training programs, and responds to emergencies.
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Fluid Film

A non-toxic product made from lanolin that prevents rust, protects metal surfaces, electric components, and lubricates. Replaces white lithium grease WD40 and silicone lubricants.
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Snow & IceManagement

We have over 25 years of snow removal experience. We know that you do not want to have to worry about snow and ice – we do that for you.
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Mission Coffee

We import and distribute premium Arabica Coffee raised on the side of Valcan Baru, an inactive volcano in northwest Panama, just outside of Boquete.
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