Our team has planned and implemented the responses to a wide variety of events including special events, the Olympics, The Indianapolis 500, The NCAA Final Four, The World Trade Center Bombing, The Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, The Centennial Park Bombing, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods, hostage incidents, and the attacks of September 11, 2001. We have tremendous experience in crafting training programs having taught thousands of public safety, medical, security, corporate, and educational personnel throughout the world. Our clients include governments, utilities, corporations, universities, schools, and individuals.

Security and Preparedness

Threat Assessment -- Emergency Planning -- Response Guidance -- Crisis Communications -- Training

Whether the task is protecting a nation or protecting your family, our group of seasoned professionals has experience in evaluating threats and vulnerabilities, designing plans, implementing training programs, and responding to emergencies.

We are able to draw upon a pool of experts whose expertise spans a number of disciplines including law enforcement, hazardous materials, emergency medicine, engineering, media, and law.

The world we live in can be a very dangerous place. We can help you understand the risks, develop effective response plans, and implement those plans. Below is an article published by the Indianapolis Star Sunday, September 10, 2006:

Preparedness Lies Within Our Own Control

The OSS Group is comprised of selected experts in various disciplines. This group has international expertise and experience in addition to skill in managing domestic matters.
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We have also contributed substantially to the academic literature as we help people understand the complexities of emergency preparedness. Winning Plays: Essential Guidance From the Terrorism Line of Scrimmage has been an important policy document in the national discussion of homeland security.
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We have a strategic partnership with Washington D.C. based SiG Productions, a national performance consutling firm. Together we bring security and emergency preparedness to performance spaces, design projects, and renovations. SiG is able to assist us with the facilitation of special events and a variety of production needs
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Peter s. beering, ESQ.
Peter is an internationally known expert in anti-terrorism, public safety, and emergency preparedness.
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